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My 2nd Adobe Spark Video

Pano Perspective

This is a photo which I took with a small water droplet added onto my phone camera lens as demonstrated in a video which I previously viewed before this assignment.  This photo did not turn out the same way that it seemed to look in the video as there was a lot more distortion to the subject of the photo than what I took.  The process that I used to take this photo was to first place the droplet of water on the camera lens with the tip of a straw, and then angle the camera so that the droplet stayed in the center of the lens and did not slip off.

My Adobe Spark Video

Leading Lines

The leading lines rule states that there should be lines leading into the center of the photo for the rule to apply.  The two photos shown above represent this rule becuase that both have two leading lines that direct the viewers attention towards the center of the photo.  These lines do not always have to lead toward the center of the photo however, they can also lead away from the center as long as they are pointing towards the subject of the photo.  The first photo shows two leading lines going into the tunnel of the stadium, and the second shows the lines leading down the road toward the large puddle at the end.